New Client? Make Sure They Know What They’re Getting Into

A local businessperson contacted me recently. He’d heard about me from work I’d done on a local board of trade a few years before. He was asked to deliver a 20-minute speech by a trade organization he was a member of. They wanted him to provide his take on new developments in his industry.

He was clearly terrified. Continue reading “New Client? Make Sure They Know What They’re Getting Into”

Photograph Publication Snafu


Sometimes the writing of a piece for a client can involve a need for photography, particularly a portrait of the client. It gives the article a human face. If you are also a photographer, it’s a good idea to arrange a shooting session. You needn’t have a studio; in most cases, the client’s office more than suffices. If you don’t know how to take pictures, adult education classes are cheap, fast, and effective ways to learn. We can get into the details of photography techniques in a later posting, for it is a vast topic. This posting describes one approach I took when something went wrong. Horribly wrong. Continue reading “Photograph Publication Snafu”