Dealing with Trump

Joe Biden’s all wrong when it comes to dealing with Donald Trump.

I’m feeling insecure these days. I’m not sure Joe Biden knows how to handle Donald Trump in the current race for the presidency.

Early last August, Trump was speaking in Clyde, Ohio.

He said this about Biden: “He’s following the radical left agenda. Take away your guns, destroy your 2nd Amendment, no religion, no anything, hurt the Bible, hurt God. He’s against God.”

Biden’s response: “For President Trump to attack my faith is shameful.” Well of course it was! That was the point. Maybe what Biden should’ve said was, “My faith is my own private business. Like President Kennedy, I believe in the separation of church and state.”

My advice to Joe: spent some time watching reruns of Andy’s Gang, a children’s show that ran from 1955 to 1960. It featured an impish puppet called Froggy the Gremlin. Here is a memorable episode.

Froggy was disparaging bunny rabbits. Andy was appalled.

ANDY: You shouldn’t say that about cute bunny rabbits. They’re so nice.

FROGGY: Well, one way to settle that. You see that picture of water over there?

ANDY: Yes, a nice frosty pitcher of ice water.

FROGGY: Go over to the pitcher. (ANDY does so.) Grab the pitcher tightly by the handle.

ANDY: (bewitched) What next, Froggy?

FROGGY: I want you to pour the water all over your head.

ANDY: Pour the water all over my head. (He does so, then snaps out of it.) Awwww Froggy! You got me all wet!

FROGGY: (bounces around on his perch) Haw haw haw! There’s your answer! Haw haw haw!

Don’t play in Trump’s sandbox, Joe. Remember who you’re dealing with.

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Author: Peter Bates

Peter Bates is a writer and photographer living in Florida. He is the administrator of this blog and runs the blog The Bodega Project.

2 thoughts on “Dealing with Trump”

  1. peter

    at this point it is simply about surviving long enough to win. every not-trump person hates trump enough to want biden. i mean what to say of democrats who say they’d vote for a rock or a discraded car tire or a condom washed ashore in Coney Island… [i made those up] these are the kind of things we are led to compare biden to. that it doesn’t matter if he’s even sentient as long as he can occupy the chair to prevent trump from getting back in it. musical chairs with a song called Lowest Common Denominator as the song played as the 2 circle around the one remaining chair.

    i dislike biden immensely and like cornel west and angela davis and a few others will only approve biden under protest and to hold him accountable from a day after the election. the dems have always used the proressives as bodies as votes to be discarded a moment after the election.

    i like that both trump AND Biden describe the Biden campaign as the most progressive in history. they are both wrong. i cant vote, nina probably will not vote for biden altho maybe she will. paloma is thinking of not voting. the dems are in total denial. they are again so cocksure of themselves that they are the moral high ground and stand for the working / middle class despite voters consistently telling them they do not.

    in 2016 even with the obama ‘magic’ the house and senate were republican. a majority of governors and stat legislatures were republican, the supreme court is majority rightwing, and i think a majority of the mayors were not democrat.

    keep yr inner peace as you continue to raise hell,


    1. Here’s a thought for you. Is it my imagination, or is the lesser-of-two-evils fallacy (a.k.a. the false dilemma fallacy), applying to skinnier differences lately? Particularly regarding election choices? In other words, is the fallacy expanding in popularity but shrinking in ideological difference? Don’t recall this old saw being dragged out, say twenty years ago when Gore ran against W.

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