Review of John Coltrane’s Both Directions at Once

Here’s my review of a Blu-ray recording of John Coltrane’s “lost album,” Both Directions at Once, as it appears in Audiophile Audition (


Coltrane: Both Directions at Once

I don’t get to say these words very often: here’s a review of the latest killer John Coltrane album!
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Author: Peter Bates

Peter Bates is a writer and photographer living in Florida. He is the administrator of this blog and runs the blog The Bodega Project.

1 thought on “Review of John Coltrane’s Both Directions at Once”

  1. Thanks for a tasty review of the ‘lost’ Coltrane album. I especially savored
    the gastromusicological description of the Real McCoy’s solo. You’ve
    managed to synthesize Al Stankus’ JAZZ COOKS with my book, in effect, throwing
    Hegel a bagel! I also liked the reference to Larry David (the one ‘comedian’ who
    makes me laugh). If he ever produces a full-length movie, you’d be its ideal reviewer.

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