Five Minutes with an Artist: Laine Nixon

What is Laine Nixon’s exhibition Becoming Unfinished all about? What does the title mean? And what’s the theme?

Zuhanden 14 by Laine Nixon

LAINE NIXON. BECOMING UNFINISHED. Gallery 221 (Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, FL). May 15 – June 29, 2017. For more info, visit the gallery web site.

What is Laine Nixon’s exhibition Becoming Unfinished all about? What does the title mean? And what’s the theme?

Nixon is quite open about the theme. It’s not mysterious. According to her, it is “the ‘aesthetic experience,’ or that thing that happens when my psyche is overtaken by a shift in both my awareness and perspective brought on by a non-verbal, non-linear, visual (and sometimes tactile) event.”

In an age of jarring graffiti art, engaged Third World art, slightly skewed representational art, and even wacky comic book art, her paintings are unashamedly abstract. She is fond of quoting the artist Rothko, who said “A painting is not about an experience. It is an experience.” Her art has a pleasing symmetry to it, particularly her “Zuhanden series,” where parallel lines and intriguing geometrical shapes predominate. In German Zuhanden means “ready to hand” or “to the attention of,” and these works certainly draw our attention.

So what does the title Becoming Unfinished mean? Also not mysterious. It actually has a compelling meaning. But to hear about it, you’ll have to view the video interview below. In it she also explains what directions she hopes these abstraction works might take the viewer.

For more information about Laine and her art, visit her web site.

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Author: Peter Bates

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  1. Hey there! Sorry for the delayed response to this. I’ve been meaning to write you for days. I wanted to drop you a note and say thanks again for doing the interview for Stylus. I really appreciate the time you and Cheryl took, and the in depth answers you encouraged and included. Hope our paths cross again someday!

    All my best,

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