Five Minutes with an Artist: Mark Joseph Oliver

Mark Joseph Oliver is a sculptor. However at Hillsborough Community College’s Gallery 221, you can see him also as photographer and painter.

A Photograph Taken in Finland by Mark Oliver

Mark Joseph Oliver, Not Here But There. Gallery 221 (Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, FL). March 20 to April 27. For more info, visit the gallery web site.

Mark Joseph Oliver is primarily a sculptor. However at Hillsborough Community College’s Gallery 221 until April 27,2017, you can see him as photographer, sculptor, and painter.

One work dominates the exhibit, “Whale Fall.” It is a long assemblage of painted wood that resembles both a whale skeleton and a wrecked ship hull that you might encounter on the shore. Moreover, it’s on a bed of salt!

His photography is mainly black & white prints with the primary subject being Norway– not its cities, not its people, but its landscapes, each uniquely masked in black.  There are no overt social statements in Mark’s work, apart from an implied environmental message via “Whale Fall” and the photographs.

There are also two black & white paintings with intriguing subtexts. To learn more about them, listen to the video.

For more information about Mark and his art, visit his web site.

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