What Happened to Pucci

Pucci (2006-2015)

OCD & aggression,
then Pucci got the Prozac® reprieve,
nine toy-pouncing, sweet-nuzzling years,
then the bill came due:
chronic constipation,
acute constipation,
then injection, intubation, irrigation, evacuation
and tests you’d never want to have,
then failure to thrive:
adrift at sea in a tiny raft,
he looked away when we threw him lines.
once more, that decision,
once more, the slick pit of grief.

–Peter Bates

Author: Peter Bates

Peter Bates is a writer and photographer living in Florida. He is the administrator of this blog and runs the blog The Bodega Project.

5 thoughts on “What Happened to Pucci”

  1. Oh no… That bill is a steep price to pay. I feel so bad about the passing of that kitty of uncommon elan and the joyful onomatapoetic name. I empathize greatly and admire your verse tribute, of which he is so worthy. Sending love and wishes for comfort to you and Cheryl.
    Thinking of you both, and Pucci the magnificent,
    Mary Jane

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